About us

Frank Wilson, or the “Elder Welder” as he is now known in his late middle age, has 23 years of experience in the welding industry, across every project imaginable. Pipe welding and underwater welding were his stock in trade for years before his partial retirement. 

He now serves as a welding instructor at a technical college in his area, providing support and mentorship for people looking to learn a lucrative and in demand trade, and is always ready to offer advice to newcomers in his community, whether they be hobbyists or professionals looking to pick his brain for a difficult project. 

In his experience, welding is one of the most valuable DIY skills a man can have. Even if you don’t intend

to turn it into a career, hFrank urges young men to take his welding course if they plan to work any job in the labor, construction, or mechanical industries. More skills are better than less, and Frank believes that a resume can never have too many unique and valuable skills. 

When not working he spends most of his time with his sons, Darren and Jake. Their shared passion is building and racing custom go karts, which they sometimes sell to lucky buyersEvery year they hold a small tournament among family and friends and welcome all comers. While the competition is always fierce (and he suffers the occasional wipeout) Frank is the current champion three years running. 

Frank’s sons currently run the family business, such as it is. Frank learned welding from his father, who had to retire early due to eyesight damage, and he passed the skill on to his sons, with an emphasis on safety and precision. 

Best Welding Helmet was born out of a desire to put his experience to use outside of his local community, providing detailed and first hand testimonies for welders and protective gear similar or identical to the ones Frank uses on the job or in his hobby. 

What started out as a review site for helmets only has expanded to cover a wide range of welding products, though Frank still feels finding the right helmet is one of the most important first steps to make. Too many people neglect their safety or have to make do with subpar protective gear and end up paying the price for it later in life, like his father. 

Over the years Frank has worked with tools from virtually every brand on the market (and some that no longer are), and keeps up to date with which welders and helmets are the best on the market today, and which should be tossed by the wayside until a better model comes along. 

Frank is always open and welcome to comments about his work and ways to improve the site, and willing to share advice with up and coming young welders, fielding questions and washing away concerns at his onsite welding courses. 

He also welcomes any challenges to his racing title, though warns he will not give up the crown easily.