Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews – Top Picks & Guide

Picture yourself tackling home improvement tasks or working around your house without the necessary equipment. It’s simply inconceivable, isn’t it? Among the indispensable tools, one that should never be overlooked, particularly for projects, is a welding helmet.

In the realm of welding equipment, Lincoln Electric, often known simply as Lincoln, stands out as a leading manufacturer of high-quality welding helmets. But what distinguishes their helmets from the rest? Well, besides their distinctive and stylish designs that add a personal flair to your work attire, Lincoln Electric’s flagship model, the Electric VIKING 3350 Black, boasts a standout feature highly prized by welders: the 4C Lens Technology.

This state-of-the-art technology revolutionizes the welding helmet landscape, offering unprecedented optical clarity. It’s the kind of clarity that not only improves your work but also protects your eyesight. The Electric VIKING 3350 Black doesn’t just provide clarity; it goes further by automatically darkening to shield your eyes from the intense brightness of welding arcs.

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at Lincoln Electric’s VIKING 3350 Black welding helmet and delve into the exceptional 4C Lens Technology that makes it a preferred choice for both professional welders and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re an experienced welder or just embarking on your welding journey, this piece of equipment could be the key to elevating your projects to new heights while ensuring your safety. Let’s explore further!

6 Best Lincoln Welding Helmets – Reviews

1. Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet – Best Overall

The best model from Lincoln is the Electric VIKING 3350 Black with 4C Lens Technology, which is part of its VIKING line.

It comes in several different colors and styles, but we recommend this basic black version because it will match back to all your tools and any of the other gear that you wear on the job.

It has a glossy black finish with the Lincoln Electric logo near the back of the top in shades of red and white.

A comfortable fit is important when it comes to choosing a welding helmet because any plastic or metal pieces poking the back of your head can distract you from the work at hand and cause injuries, but it is more comfortable than you might imagine. An adjustable strap on the back keeps the model from sliding off your head, and it has padded spots inside for added comfort.

The 4C Lens Technology built inside this helmet changes the way you view things in front of you.

This technology allows you to see more colors and eliminates the blurriness that you might find with other models to help you see each object clearly. They includes a bandanna, carrying case and extra lenses with this model that you can use on any type of job.

2. Lincoln Electric VIKING 2450 Welding Helmet

The Electric VIKING 2450 Black is the model that you reach for when you love the look and features of the 3350 but want to put some money back.

It comes with the same 4C Lens Technology as the 3350, which you can use in an active or inactive state, and it also features auto-darkening technology that automatically adjusts the amount of shade provided by the lens screen to keep your eyes safe.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery that you can easily pop out once it dies.

Depending on where you work, you may find that you need to wear a hard hat to protect your head on the job site, and the 2450 black model actually has a built-in adapter.

This adapter lets you connect a hard hat to the top and wear both that hat and the model at the same time to do jobs on a construction site.

It also has a grind mode setting suitable for use on grinding applications.

Two arc sensors inside the model automatically detect the presence of light arcs and flashes and send an alert to the model that lets it know how to adjust the lens. They give you extra lenses too that fit onto the front of the model.

3. Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Welding Helmet

Though fairly similar to many of the other Electric VIKING models for welders, this Electric VIKING 1840 Black can help you on any job site without making you feel like someone raided your wallet.

This is one of the most affordable models from Lincoln and the cheapest model available with 4C Lens Technology. That technology gives you a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity that is better than you’ll get with other cheaper models, but this technology also helps you see objects and items without any blurriness.

An adjustable strap on the back of the model expands to fit heads of different sizes and features a simple adjustment knob that lets you adjust the fit with just one hand.

As a pivoting model, it moves more smoothly as you move and won’t weigh you down. It even has an adjustment knob on the outside that lets you adjust the shade setting without removing it.

They includes a number of accessories with this model like a bandanna that you can wear under or around your neck and a carrying bag that can hold both the model and the extra lenses included in the set.

Thanks to its three-year warranty, the VIKING 1840 is a model that can keep up with your demands now and years from now.

4. Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Lone STAR Welder’s Helmet

With this Electric K4134-1 Lone STAR Auto Darkening with Grind Mode, you will feel completely confident when grinding car bumpers and other types of metal. It has a built-in grind setting designed specifically for those jobs that reduces the risk of metal pieces hitting your face.

It comes with lens covers that you can use on both the inside and outside too.

As one of the more decorative models available, this one has a somewhat unusual design that features different shades of brown and tan as well as a large star right in the middle of the chin area.

The company calls this its Lone STAR design because it looks like something right out of Texas. It also has an external adjustment knob on the front that controls the shade to let you change the shade while wearing it.

Since the Lone STAR is a solar model, you no longer need to worry about carrying batteries with you or running out of power. As long as you wear the model in the sunlight regularly, it will harness the rays of the sun to create all that necessary power.

This is an auto-darkening model that will automatically adjust its lens from job to job.

5. Lincoln Electric K3320-2 Eliminator Welding Helmet

If you like Electric models but want one that is a little more unique than its traditional black models, you might love the design of this Electric K3320-2 Eliminator Variable Shade Auto-Darkening. This is the type of welding helmet that will turn heads and make those on your crew ask where you bought it.

The design includes a glossy black finish with sharp claws across the bottom, top and sides in shades of both black and white.

As an auto-darkening model, it can automatically darken the lens from a minimum of seven up to a maximum of 13 without requiring that you lift a finger.

Its viewing side is a little on the larger size and measures more than 3.82 inches by 1.73-inches. The two arc sensors inside quickly identify arcs and flashes to help the model adjust the lens in just 25 milliseconds.

Suitable for use in a wide range of climates, it can work at temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and at temperatures of up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The solar cell battery inside will come in handy too.

This battery uses the power of the sun to automatically charge itself for use later.

6. Lincoln Electric K3087-1 Variable -Shade Welding Helmet

Variable shade models like this Electric Variable-Shade Auto-Darkening are perfect for those who work in various settings and those who do different types1 of jobs weekly because it will automatically change as needed based on the specific job.

It features a 3.81-inch by 1.75-inch viewing area right in the center of the helmet and a shade knob on the front that you can adjust with one hand while it is still on your head. Other external controls let you adjust other settings without removing it.

The lens that the company chose for this model is impact-resistant and won’t shatter when you drop the helmet or an object strikes the lens. There are two extra lenses included with the model, which is an auto-dark welding helmet model. This feature lets you focus on your work without worrying about making adjustments as you weld.

One thing that many welders will like about this welding helmet is its funky design. The company chose a glossy black finish that lets the design of skulls and chains really stand out.

You’ll also like that this model has two sensors inside that monitor the area around you to ensure that it responds and darkens in just 1/25,000 of a second after detecting an arc.

Our Top Choice

​Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350

When it comes to Lincoln welding helmets, the one that is worth your money and the best value for your money is the Electric VIKING 3350 with 4C Lens Technology. That 4C Lens Technology works in both an active and an inactive state to ensure that you see where your tools and equipment go as well as any other elements of your project. Auto-darkening technology monitors the area directly in front of you and changes the filter on the screen to give your great clarity.

The fit of the model is equally great because the inside of it features soft pieces that won’t rub against your neck or head as well as an adjustable strap to keep the model from sliding. Lincoln gives you a bandanna with this model for keeping sweat off your face, extra lenses and a carrying bag that keeps the model free from scratches.

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