Best MIG Welders Under $1000 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you currently in the market for a fresh MIG welder? With a multitude of options available, spanning various price ranges, it’s common to feel inundated by the sheer array of choices.

However, fear not! We comprehend the dilemma you’re encountering, and we’re dedicated to streamlining the process for you. Our objective is to simplify your journey, facilitating an effortless transition into your welding projects with your brand-new apparatus.

As you peruse our thoughtfully curated assortment of the top 5 MIG welders, you’ll experience a newfound clarity. Before long, you’ll feel empowered to make a decision that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

In a Rush? Here is Our Top Choice

Hobart Handler 210 MVP

  • Dual-voltage with MVP plug
  • Max output: 210 Amp
  • 11-volt settings
  • Infinite wire speed
  • Quick select drive wheel
  • Three-year warranty

5 Best MIG Welders Under $1000 – Reviews

1. Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder – Best Overall Pick


As we’re sure you know, our overall top pick spot is reserved for only the best of the best in its category and we truly believe that the Hobart Handler takes the cake.

Why? Let us find out!

Although it sits on the pricier side of your budget and is a little heavier than some of the others we are going to talk about, it is a stupendously higher quality device with a far longer duty cycle.

Not to mention that you get more overall amperage with this, combined with better warranty (three whole years!), longer leads and brilliant, more attractive features overall.

Seriously, we really don’t know what more you could ask for.

However, you will need to pick a spot at the site for this machine and stick to it since it is uncomfortably heavy but once it’s all set up and ready to go, it is a perfectly ideal welder.

Plus, you won’t be bogged down in any material restrictions as this since this MIG welder does it all!


  • Max output: 210A
  • Three years warranty
  • 11-volt settings
  • Settings for Infinite wire speed
  • Quick select drive wheel
  • Accurate wire/amperage settings


  • Heavy (weighs 87.5 lbs)

2. LOTOS MIG175 175Amp MIG Welding Machine – The Runner-up


Impressively, the Lotos MIG175 isn’t far below the standard of the aforementioned Hobart! It doesn’t have quite the amperage range or duty cycle as our overall top pick, but it comes extremely close.

Not to mention the fact that its price point is significantly below that of the Handler.

However, bear in mind that the warranty for this somewhat high-priced machine is only available for a year — not quite the length you would probably desire (us neither, but trust the quality!).

Is there anything actually special about this MIG welder? If this is what you are wondering, the answer is YES — it includes a free aluminum spool gun which is quite the bonus for anyone who knows anything about MIG welding.

With a 175-amp range, we know you will love this device if you are looking for a MIG under 200A guideline!


  • Max output: 175A
  • Includes an Aluminum spool gun
  • 30-days money back guarantee


  • Weighs 85 lbs so it’s heavy
  • 1 year warranty
  • 220/240 volt input

3. Forney Easy Weld 261 MIG Welder – Best Value


If you are looking for a highly impressive welder, we have got it!

The amperage range isn’t the best but, it does run a tiny bead and has a higher duty-cycle than the competition in a similar elk.

Have you been such high and low for a super attractive price?

Chances are you have (we did!). Thankfully, we stumbled upon this little guy that comes with an unbeatable price tag — you definitely get more bang for your buck.

The only downside to this machine is the one-year warranty, which is a little lacking in our mind however, we are NOT going to complain since, for the cost, you can’t go wrong.

It’s small and compact, running as a 140A welder; it’s definitely the best option for you if you’re on a budget.


  • Max output: 140A
  • Lightweight (weighs 19 lbs)
  • Eight-foot leads
  • 110-240-volt input


  • 1 year warranty

4. Weldpro 200 Amp MIG Welder


We all like getting more functions than we originally thought we were going to get, don’t we?

The Weldpro MIG welder provides this to you as it also offers TIG and stick welding capabilities!

This light little machine allows you to manually and automatically switch wire feeding which is excellent when you’re welding tricky parts and will need to alternate hands while you do it.

Do you like synergistic settings on your MIG welder?

If so, then that’s great because this is what the Weldpro 200 provides; however, it might not be what you are after, due to the fact that it predetermines the wire feed rate — not ideal for most welding jobs.

Having said that, there are adjustments you can make with this device but only at a very small range, so pick wisely — it is worth buying though, considering the price!


  • Amp output: 200A
  • Lightweight (weighs 30 pounds)
  • 2 years warranty
  • 2T and 4T switch
  • Multiprocessing functionality


  • Synergic settings

5. Forney 318 MIG Welder


Forney do indeed make pretty good welders, as you probably know, and this is no exception — especially as it comes with more amperage than you would expect!

We understand that you’ll want your machine to lay a little bead, so this is why we have ranked the Forney 318 190-Amp in our top 5 best MIG welders under $1000.

Plus, both the torch and the leads are above average quality.

Not to mention the three-year warranty!

That’s right, what else do you need in a welder? At least you won’t have to fork out on more equipment in the coming years — you are safe to weld away.

Oh, we nearly forgot to mention the FREE aluminum spool gun — oops! That would have been embarrassing!


  • Max output: 190A
  • 4 and 8-inches wire spools
  • 3 years warranty


  • Heavy (weighs 74 pounds)
  • Low range of amp settings
  • 220/240-volt input

Our Top Choice Under $1000

Hobart Handler 210 MVP

Now you are well and truly armed with 5 options to run with, but which will you actually go for?

Who knows…?

…Well, we do! It’s obvious really — the Hobart Handler. Although it is on the higher end of the price scale, it’s a superior quality machine with a long duty cycle, high amperage, better warranty timescale and overall more wanted features.

Seriously, you need this in your welding life, regardless of your experience level!

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