7 Best Welding Carts Reviews & Buying Guide

Despite the modern lightweight design of welding machines, carrying them around your workspace can still be cumbersome. This is particularly challenging when you have other tools and gas canisters to transport as well. It’s essential for every welder to have a suitable welding cart that caters to their specific requirements. Whether you need maximum storage space, additional work surface, or simply a straightforward solution to effortlessly move your heavy equipment weighing over 30 pounds during a long workday, a welding cart is a must-have accessory

7 Best Welding Carts – Reviews

1. Klutch 48410 2-Tier Welding Cart – Top Overall Pick

This cart trades a shelf for a lockbox, which I can’t say is a bad trade. This is an unusually tall cart (35 ¾”, about 6 inches taller than standard) with a slightly wider body (18 ¾”) and roughly standard length (27 1/4”). This one is clearly made for a bit of a taller person with a bit bulkier of a kit.

The wheels on it are pretty good. The back wheels are hard rubber rather than the stiffer PVC or plastic, giving them a bit of extra bounce and give to offset the weight better. Which is good, because this cart is pretty bulky, coming in at 46 lbs and fairly unwieldy if you need to muscle it around. Thankfully it should glide smoothly most of the time.

That extra bulk comes from of course the centerpiece: the safe-like locked container on the bottom. The durable steel construction means it’s going to be hard to bust into, which leaves the lock itself as the only easy failure point. It’s not the greatest lock in the world but it gets the job done, and just having one tends to discourage nosy people and casual theft in any case.



  • Locked cart provides extra protection.
  • 2 tier design increases storage space.
  • Sizable shelves.
  • Good wheels; rolls around easily.


  • Heavy. 46 lbs is hard to manhandle on its own in something this size, without accounting for the extra weight piled on.

2. Hot Max WC100 Welding-Cart- Best For the Money

This is a simple, but well made and designed cart. Durable stainless steel construction ensures it will last a long time, but leaves it lightweight enough to muscle around as needed (only 34 lbs, before you put your machine on it, of course).

The cart itself is 13” wide, 33” long, and 29” tall (not including the wheels in the width) and uses a three tiered construction for extra storage space. Plenty of room for your toolbox and other needs, and of course fits pretty much any MIG welder or plasma cutter out there. The handle sticks out satisfyingly far, putting it out of the way of any of your leads.

The only thing I’m not too impressed with are the wheels; I don’t really like hard but textured rear wheels like this one sports. They tend to lock up and scrape against the floor once you get some weight on it, but so long as you’re not loading this cart down overly much it should be fine.



  • Good size with lots of storage space on its 2 shelves.
  • Doesn’t get in the way of leads with the way its handle is designed.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Lots of space to put pretty much anything you need on it.


  • Less than stellar rear wheels likely means you’re going to be having issues moving it at some point when they lock up from weight being poorly distributed.

3. Yaheetech YT-926 3-Tier Welding Cart

Yaheetech’s offering is a simpler cart, but definitely great for the price. It’s lightweight (25 lbs), maneuverable with good rubber wheels and solid casters, and has a nicely angled pull bar.

The shelfs all measure about 11” wide, with the top being 17.7” long, the middle being 15” long, and the bottom 27..6” long. This gives you plenty of space to put a lot of stuff, though be aware of how heavy what you’re putting on is, as the cart’s total capacity is only 176 lbs. Your machine alone is going to be taking up 30 to 40 lbs of that, and tool boxes can get surprisingly heavy fast, so be wary of overloading this cart.

The rear shelf is nice to have in theory but a bit dubious in practice, being low enough you’ll only want to put stuff you don’t need at hand, but too small to put anything important in for the most part.



  • Well constructed and put together.
  • Good wheels make it easy to maneuver and distribute weight well.
  • Sizable shelves provide a lot of storage space.
  • Great handlebar makes it easy to move round from pretty much any angle, and can be pulled or pushed from a comfortable distance.
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • Low weight capacity means it’s easy to overload this cart.
  • While I prefer the metal wheels with rubber tires, on a  cart with a weight capacity this low, you’re probably going to run into issues with the tires popping off the wheels if it gets over loaded, which is a frustrating mess to have to deal with.

4. Klutch 48300 Compact Locking Welding Cart

This one has an interesting design, made to be small and compact to fit under benches and shelves for storage. Besides that redesign (necessitating the removal of the top tier) this cart is fairly similar to just having the lock box portion of the other Klutch cart we reviewed earlier.

It’s made of sturdy steel and has roughly the same dimensions on the shelf (32” long by 19” wide), while standing only 26” tall. Inexplicably it is the same weight (46 lbs) which suggests the steel must be a little thicker on this model. The hinges are also more securely placed inside the safe instead of outside, making them harder to cut (a plus, given you’re going to be surrounded by people with easy access to and the know how to use a plasma cutter).

This is a tank of a cart, held back by the fact that it can only be reasonably pushed from behind, using the cable loops as makeshift handles, or by the small two handle on the front. This makes it not just as heavy, but also far more unwieldy than its cousin.



  • Sturdy, solid stainless steel construction with thick sheets.
  • Good lock and protected hinges make this locked cart very safe to use.
  • Spacious top shelf has room for your welder and some extra tools.
  • Compact design is perfect for cramped or crowded work spaces.


  • This cart is heavy, even more so than the larger version.
  • The weight makes it hard to move, not helped by the lack of proper handlebars.
  • Low weight capacity means you’re trading a lot of ability to haul stuff for the heavy safe attachment.

5. Lincoln Electric K2275-3 Welder Cart

Lincoln’s take on a welding hand cart is a minimalist design. It has two shelves (the top shelf clearly intended just to hold your welding machine between two raised bars), a pull bar, and stainless steel construction.

This is an ultra lightweight, ultra compact cart, sitting at a mere 4.5” in height and weighing under 11 lbs. It will fit pretty much anywhere you please, and you’ll have no trouble getting it there. Especially with the two oversized back wheels and good casters helping to keep things flowing.

Weirdly, this is one of the only welding carts out there that has a recessed hole for your gas canisters instead of just chains. This limits you a bit in what size canister you can fit, but unless you’re using very nonstandard sizes it shouldn’t be an issue.

While a simple, not frills cart, sometimes that’s all you really need, and this one in particular is perfect for smaller, cramped workspaces where everybody needs to keep their equipment as far out of the way as possible at all times.



  • Compact for use in cramped or crowded work spaces.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver when empty.
  • Gas canister holder is unique and makes it easy to fit gas cylinders without fiddling with chaining them down.
  • Good wheels provide solid weight distribution.
  • Good handle makes it easy to maneuver either pulling or pushing it.


  • Lower weight comes at the cost of reduced durability.
  • Small shelves make it hard to store other tools and get to them easily, since most need to go on the narrow bottom shelf.

6. ARKSEN Universal Welding Cart

This is a lightweight, inexpensive three tiered cart that will serve you pretty well under most circumstances. Each shelf is roughly 17 ¾” by 11”, plenty enough space for pretty much anything you’d care to throw on there, and compatible with just about every welding machine there is, no matter the type.

While boasting heavy duty steel construction, it still remains lightweight (22 lbs) and easy to maneuver with its two casters and two large wheels with rubber tires. The whole thing sits at a comfortable height (27 ¾”) and the overall footprint (28” long by 15 ¼” wide) makes it easy enough to park it most places you’d care to.

The price is nothing to laugh at either, costing about half as much as a similar cart. The main drawback here is one of the things they decided to cut to reduce that cost was handles, leaving you to use the lipped underside of the top shelf as your makeshift handle, which brings it up short and makes it awkward to move.



  • Sturdy stainless steel construction ensures it will be a long lasting cart.
  • Sizable shelving and 3 tiered design provides more than enough space for all your tools and accessories.
  • Good wheels will last a long time and roll well.
  • Low price makes replacing this cart if some accident happens easy.


  • No handlebar makes this cart difficult and annoying to move around, especially in tight quarters.
  • Metal is a bit thin and probably prone to denting.

7. ESAB 0558102325 Rebel Welding-Cart

This is a pretty standard, bare bones cart in most respects. It’s well put together, easy to assemble, and made of good quality stainless steel. The shelves are very spacious and the handle is indented and easy to reach for pushing around on the very good wheels. Both the rear wheels and the casters are quite nice and move nicely.

The only real rub is the shipping time and cost. It’s great for what it is, but the price seems to be improperly listed for a full system (MIG welding machine included in purchase, that kind of thing) and has an insanely long delivery time (1 to 3 months) since it needs to come from overseas. This is a good cart, but it’s probably best to figure out what the actual price is before ordering it.

A good purchase if you don’t need anything fancy and you’re not in a hurry besides that little snafu.



  • Wide shelves provide plenty of space.
  • Two tiers give you room for a lot of stuff.
  • Good handle makes it easy to push and pull.
  • Great wheels make it easy to maneuver even when weighed down.


  • Weird price listing mystery is head scratching.

Our Top Choice

Klutch 48410 2-Tier

It was a hard pick, but I eventually settled on the Klutch 2 tier as the best cart. It’s a good price, good space, and I like having a locked safe on my cart instead of leaving everything out in the open for people to bother with. I’ve worked with my fair share of handy coworkers who see nothing wrong with borrowing somebody else’ tools when they’re off shift (or even when they’re on shift and aren’t looking) and a simple lock puts a stop to that kind of behavior so long as there’s no real malice behind it, which is peace of mind that’s well worth it to me.

If your experience is different though, any of these other fine carts do the job just as well, and better in some cases. It’s all up to your own needs.

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