Everlast PowerTig 250EX Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Welding schools provide students with all the tools they need as they learn how to weld, but you’ll need to invest in new tools when you graduate. The Everlast PowerTig 250EX is one of the best overall welding units that you can get today because it can handle most jobs with ease. It has both AC and DC modes and needs only five amps to run it.

Thanks to the new start circuit designed by the manufacturer, it requires less maintenance than other similar units do. If you want a welder that can tackle all your upcoming jobs and don’t mind spending more on a machine, the Everlast PowerTig 250EX might be your best bet.

Everlast PowerTig 250EX


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 250A
  • Amperage Range: 5A-250A
  • Portable for use on common job sites
  • IGBT Power Modules increase reliability and performance
  • Weighs 60 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

Detailed Everlast PowerTig 250EX Review & Breakdown

The Everlast PowerTig 250EX is a good machine and a good value for the money. As you look at this unit and compare it to other welders, you’ll likely find that there are some features you really love about this one such as its low start. It requires just five amps of power to turn on this welder and use it on either AC or DC settings.


Good Warranty

Rated quite highly by professional TIG welders, this machine comes with a five-year warranty that covers both the parts and any labor needed. If you need any repairs within the first five years, the manufacturer will cover the total cost anything that the machine needs. You’ll also find that Everlast has good customer support and will do whatever it takes to make you happy.


As a portable welder, the machine weighs only 60 pounds, though we did see that some claimed it weighed up to 65 pounds with all the accessories included. It works on both steel and aluminum and can do a complete ½ inch weld in just one pass. The arc that the welder produces is strong and stable to let you do more work with each movement too.


When it comes to making adjustments, you can choose between two-foot and four-foot options and also change the frequency of the pulse. Though you can use this model with the outlets in a home or on a job site, you can also use it with a generator. Everlast rated this model to work with generators that have an output of up to 10,000 watts.


Top Features

One of the best features on the Everlast PowerTig 250EX and one that we think really helps it stand out is the digital screen, which you can see on the front. That screen shows the amps that you use and also works with a color-coded system. That system lets you see the amps clearly while you’re wearing a welding mask or other gear.

We also like that the error codes will appear on that screen. With other machines, errors and issues can occur that stop you from welding and leave you frustrated at what to do. This welder releases an error code when it encounters an issue that lets you quickly know what you need to do.

Many users found that the Everlast PowerTig 250EX offers more control before and after they weld too. It has a pre-flow setting that gives you control before you adjust the torch and turn on the machine and a post-flow setting that lets you decide what the machine should do as you near the end of a job. Those controls are easy to access via the front knobs and dials.

Bottom Line

The biggest issue that you’ll have with this model other than the high price is that it may require the use of a water cooler for some applications. Everlast recommends some coolers that will work with this model, though buying one will add to the already expensive machine. You can find some compatible water coolers for less money though.

Before buying a new welder, you probably have a budget that you want to stick to as you shop. Though the Everlast PowerTig 250EX is more expensive than other welders, it can save you money in the future. The great accessories that come with this machine and its impressive warranty make it a good buy.


Specs, Pros and Cons

While our detailed Everlast PowerTig 250EX review gives you some information about this welder, you may still have some questions about the unit, including its general pros and cons. We’ll answer some of your questions and give you specs on the PowerTig 250EX below.


  • Weighs 60 pounds.
  • Measures 24 by 9 by 17 inches.
  • Has a stainless steel shell in a light green color to protect the internal parts.
  • AC and DC modes.
  • Requires only 5 amps of power to start.
  • Includes a consumable starter kit.
  • Reduces general maintenance issues.


  • Error code warnings appear on the screen on the front to alert you of issues and problems.
  • Portable for use on common job sites.
  • Produces high quality welds on both aluminum and steel.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Good customer service to help with any issues you face.
  • Produces welds of up to ½ inch when used with aluminum.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Can weld at both at low and high outputs.


  • May require the use of a separate torch for air cooling.
  • Error codes can pop up quickly and more frequently than you would like.
  • Costs more than similar welders do.


Final Verdict

The Everlast PowerTig 250EX has an HF start circuit that forces the machine to create a full circuit when you turn it on, which helps the motor last longer and reduces the overall maintenance that the machine needs. With the consumable starter kit that comes included, you can save some money on all the tools that you need too.

We looked at and reviewed many different welders and found that the 250EX is a great op​tion in this price range. Though it costs more than other welders, the Everlast PowerTig 250EX is worth the high price tag and well worth the investment.

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