7 Best Hard Hats Reviews & Buying Guide

Navigating the vast array of options available in the market when it comes to selecting the right hard hat can be a daunting task. Drawing from my extensive experience in the construction industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand the dire consequences that can result from inadequate protective gear – consequences that I’m sure you’re well aware of as well. This realization has underscored the critical importance of identifying the absolute best hard hat options for workers like you. In response, I’ve undertaken the task of creating a comprehensive guide that highlights the finest products money can procure in this category.

If you find yourself struggling to unearth the optimal deal or are uncertain about the key features to prioritize, consider yourself fortunate. The forthcoming article is a voyage into the realm of hard hats, and by its conclusion, you’ll likely have made a well-informed decision regarding which product deserves your trust and investment.

7 Best Hard Hats – Reviews

1. MSA Tan Skullgard 454666 Hard Hat – Top Overall Pick

Why has the MSA 454666 Skullgard claimed our overall top pick spot? There are a number of reasons; here are a few of them.

This hard hat comes equipped with a Staz-On suspension system, so for all you hard working folk out there, the hat will never stop being comfortable — yes, even if you are up and working at silly o’clock and don’t stop all day.

Being watchful of falling bricks or tools is a thing of the past with this outstanding product! It protects from vertical impact and penetration, so you can be doubly sure that you are safe. It’s ASNI compliant, meaning that industry-standard guidelines have been followed; and since it only weighs a quarter of a pound, it won’t feel too heavy on your head.

Is cap or full brim more your style? Either way, you can decide this at the checkout, as this hat can be purchased with whichever option. Stylish, safe, comfortable – everything you could ask for!



  • Staz-On suspension system
  • Brilliant comfort
  • Partially custom
  • 2 brim styles
  • Good fit
  • 0.25lbs
  • ASNI compliant


  • Thin paint coverage
  • Should have a more adjustable inside support
  • A little more orange than the yellow it appears to be

2. Safety Works 10102260 Hard Hat – Best for the Money

This hard hat really fits the bill — pardon the pun — for our best value for money slot. At under $15, you can’t really go wrong, right?

Not only is it at a more than attractive price point, it’s also extremely durable. This has a lot to do with its well-well-engineered construction, all of which took place domestically, in the United States. Compliant with ASNI, the product is guaranteed to satisfy impact protection requirements, meaning that safety is assured.

Anybody who has spent any time on or around a construction site will have noticed workers here and there fiddling with their hard hats. The fit can often be the trickiest thing to get right. This product solves this problem, as the ratchet suspension system allows for a speedy tighten (or loosen) when you need it most.

In order to prevent pressure headaches from building up over the course of a long day, it’s best to go for a light hat; and since it has been made from lightweight materials, this item from Safety Works  weighs 14.4 ounces, making prolonged wear and tear on your head a thing of the past.

There is one downside to this high-quality hat, and that’s the color — what you see on the website might not be exactly what arrives at your door.



  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Meets all necessary requirement
  • Quick size adjustment
  • Great quality for money
  • Lightweight


  • Inaccurate coloring

3. Lift Safety HDF-15NG DAX Hard Hat – Top Construction Hard Hat

Did someone say “6-point suspension system”? Ah, yes, the Lift Safety HDF-15NG did. This top-class system provides you with unbeatable impact protection and unimaginable comfort levels, making it our number one choice for anybody involved in construction work.

Weighing in at just more than a pound, it won’t prove too taxing for long days spent prowling the site, but that’s only half the reason it’s so comfortable. The rest is accounted for by the leather comfort dome this hard hat is equipped with!

Working is a sweaty business. Luckily, this hat has your back; it comes with a moisture wicking foam-backed microfiber liner which will decrease any sweat buildup.

Along with the hat, you will probably be wearing gloves as well, and I imagine you won’t want to take them off just to adjust your hat, right? That’s good, because the large fitment dial at the back is designed to be used when you’re elbow deep in a glove, which is just another example of Lift Safety’s thinking through every possible problem their products could encounter.

You’re covered with it comes to any unwanted collisions as well, because of the extremely high impact protection that has been proven by the ANSI Compliance requirements this hat meets. If you know a builder, chances are they could do with an upgrade — this might just be that product.



  • High impact protection
  • Easy to use size adjustment ratchet
  • 6-point suspension
  • Comfortable
  • ASNI compliant
  • 1.1lbs


  • Scratches easily
  • Doesn’t suit some head types

4. PETZL – Vertex Vent Hard Hat – Top Choice for Hot Weather

PETZL has provided us all with a sure-fire way to stay cool in the form of their adjustable ventilation holes — all you have to do is slide the little shutters to change the air flow to match your needs.

It might look a little unorthodox if you’re more accustomed to traditional hard hats, but don’t let that put you off: it’s a solid product, although it is on the heavier end of the spectrum at 1.42lbs. As we are all very different people, the hat comes with a couple of headband foam sizes, so whether you have a little or large head, it doesn’t matter, the Vertex Vent has the best fit for you.

The built-in strong chinstrap will save you from losing your protection in the horrifying event that you should fall. Safety is key, and this hat knows it. Shock absorbers have also been built into the design, meaning that even if the worst does come to the worst, you’ll be well taken care of. The stylish, unisex design scheme also means this hat is a viable option for everybody.

It’s comfortable too, proving that PETZL really does know how important wearability is, as this product offers an inner textile layer which adapts to fit around the shape of your head. Extra comfort and extra safety!



  • Great shock absorption
  • Secure fit
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Two sizes of headband foam
  • Unisex Design
  • ASNI compliant


  • Ear straps not easy to adjust
  • No built-in sweat band
  • A bit heavier than others (1.42lbs)

5. Amston All-Day Wear Hard Hat – Top Choice for Vented

Depending on where you live, the temperature throughout the working day could become pretty sweltering. This is why we’ve designed the ‘Best Vented Hard Hats’ category! Even though the previous product was a contender for this title as well, we’ve decided to go down a slightly different route.

This vented hard hat from Amston features a smart ventilation system that covers the head to allow cool air to flow: all day, every day. For extra breezy comfort, the pre-installed sweatband is removable, so you can wash it whenever you need to. To add to the convenience of the product, it doesn’t even weigh 1lb, so you’ll barely be able to feel it on your head.

The HDPE shell disperses any shock it experiences, and the 6-point suspension system is there to back it up and maintain your safety at all costs. The easy to adjust slide-lock system makes taking it off and putting it back on a cinch, while universal accessory slots are also provided to further boost its versatility.

Of course, there’s no better way to test a company’s commitment to their own product than by examining the kind of warranty they offer. On that front, Amston doesn’t disappoint, as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a promise of your money back if anything goes wrong. You can’t get any more risk-free than that.



  • Smartly vented
  • 6-point suspension
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Comfortable
  • Washable sweatband
  • Durable
  • 0.9lbs
  • ASNI compliant
  • Slide-Lock fastening


  • Lower quality chinstraps
  • Short chinstrap length

6. Evolution Deluxe 6161 Hard Hat – Top for Full Brim

If you are a full brim hard hat kind of worker, then I’m sure you are thrilled to see this category. Up to now, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to non-standard hard hats that don’t fit the traditional mold. But there are advantages to the full brim design. It doesn’t just add to the professional nature of your overall look, it also protects your ears and neck against any debris, sun, rain and snow.

With yet another 6-point suspension system, as well as shock absorption and a super comfortable fit, wearers can feel confident that they’ll always be kept safe, no matter what may come up.

Most of the hats we have already spoken about are easily adjustable. However, this one is slightly different as it features a wheel ratchet, which is an interesting new way of adjusting the way the hat fits, allowing for more flexibility than usual. And because it’s one of the lightest hard hats on the market (at only 8 ounces), you won’t have to worry about dragging it all the way back home.



  • Vented
  • Full brim
  • 6-point suspension
  • Very comfortable
  • Precise fit
  • Lightweight
  • ASNI compliant


  • Lower quality adjustment strap
  • Sweatband doesn’t dry quickly

7. HDPE-Hydro Hard Hat – Best Carbon Fiber

Some of the most exciting developments in the hard hat industry these last several years have been in carbon fiber construction, so I felt it was only proper to include a category to acknowledge these said recent advancements. This Dipped Full Brim hard hat from HDPE-Hydro wins the prize in this arena.

Hot days and the summer sun won’t bother you while you’re trying to get through a day’s work ever again. Why? Because this hat comes with cool air flow holes to keep your head fresh and chillaxed.

Better yet, the hat meets all type 1 top impact helmet requirements, so the boss’s coming round to check over all your personal protective equipment won’t send your spine into a tingling mass of nerves.

The Fas-trac ratchet-style suspension enables you to rapidly change the size of your hat, no matter the precarious situation you might be in. You don’t have to choose between style and substance with this one either! It is a shiny, gorgeous blue and silver color, so not only will you look absolutely dashing, you’ll also be the envy of the whole job site. Safe and fashion-forward, you can’t ask for anything more.



  • Meets all requirements
  • Superior comfort
  • Easy size adjustments
  • Cool air flow
  • Full brim
  • Attractive color
  • ASNI compliant


  • A little heavier than some (1.4lbs)
  • Ratchet suspension comparatively worse than other implementations

Our Top Choice

MSA Tan Skullgard 454666

In reality, you’ll only need one hard hat at a time, so which one should you actually buy after our exploration through the best options out there? We think you know which one we would purchase — the MSA 454666 Skullgard, our overall top pick for best hard hat.

The intuitive, comfortable fit, along with the added customizable benefits at checkout with the two styles of brim to choose from make for a brilliant all-rounder.

Not to mention the sheer impact protection from both vertical crashes and any penetration attempts, combined with the Staz-On suspension system for easy adjustment AND the fact it meets all necessary requirements. This hard hat truly is a winner, and it won’t let you down even if something goes wrong — and something always goes wrong eventually, so it’s important that you feel safe in any eventuality.

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