Hobart Handler 140 Welder Review

In the world of welding, there exists a name that commands respect and admiration: Hobart. This iconic brand has etched its place in history, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to American craftsmanship. Hobart’s reputation is built on a foundation of consistency and excellence, earning the trust of welders from every corner of the globe. Among their impressive array of welding equipment, one shining star stands out—the Hobart Handler 140. This MIG welder is a true workhorse, designed primarily for steel but boasting remarkable versatility that extends to metals like cast iron and aluminum.

In this thorough examination of the Hobart Handler 140, we invite you to join us on a detailed exploration. We will carefully dissect its features, unveil its numerous advantages, and candidly discuss any potential limitations. Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this welder is the right fit for your needs.

Key Features That Set the Hobart Handler 140 Apart:


  • Superior Arc Performance: The Hobart Handler 140 is not just another welder; it’s an instrument of precision. With exceptional arc performance, it consistently delivers clean, precise welds, meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship.
  • Quick Select Drive Roll: Say goodbye to the hassle of wire size selection. The quick select drive roll empowers you to seamlessly switch between different wire sizes, revolutionizing your welding experience and enhancing efficiency.
  • Five-Position Voltage Control: Precision is the name of the game, and the Handler 140 offers it in abundance. Its five-position voltage control allows you to fine-tune the arc, catering to a spectrum of weld thicknesses and materials.
  • Self-Resetting Thermal Overload: Reliability is paramount in welding, and the Handler 140 delivers on this front with its self-resetting thermal overload feature. This safeguard prevents overheating, ensuring your work continues uninterrupted.
  • Self-Resetting Motor Protection: The Handler 140 is built to last. Its self-resetting motor protection adds another layer of longevity to your welding machine, guaranteeing you years of dependable service.
  • Convenient Polarity Changeover: Adaptability is key when it comes to welding, and the Handler 140 excels in this regard. Its convenient polarity changeover feature makes it a versatile companion for a wide range of welding applications.
  • Industrial Cast Aluminum Wire Drive System: Durability meets functionality with the industrial cast aluminum wire drive system. It ensures smooth wire feeding, even under demanding conditions, making your welding tasks a breeze.
  • Warranty: Hobart stands behind its product with an impressive warranty of 5/3/1 years for industrial use. This warranty is a testament to the Handler 140’s quality and reliability, providing peace of mind to users.


In-Depth Exploration of the Hobart Handler 140:

There are compelling reasons aplenty to consider the Hobart Handler 140 as your go-to welding companion. Let’s delve deeper into its standout features and explore how they can transform your welding experience.

  • Reliable Thermal Overload Protection: The Handler 140’s self-resetting thermal overload protection is a game-changer. It not only safeguards your machine from overheating but also acts in harmony with the wire feed system. When temperatures soar, it intelligently halts wire feeding, preventing any potential damage and costly downtime.
  • Effortless Wire Size Selection: Bid farewell to tedious wire size selection thanks to the quick select drive roll. This ingenious feature can effortlessly accommodate two different wire sizes and even boasts an extra groove for a spool. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision.
  • Portability with a Purpose: Weighing in at a mere 57 pounds, the Handler 140 is your mobile welding companion. Its well-engineered handle folds flat, ensuring a flush surface, and pops out when you need to move it. This thoughtful design distributes weight evenly, minimizing the risk of injuries during transportation.
  • Craftsmanship in the Details: When it comes to welding, every detail matters. The Handler 140 includes a 10-foot hose attached to the trigger, offering flexibility without compromising material efficiency. Furthermore, it features a 10-foot work cable with a durable clamp, further enhancing usability.
  • Comprehensive Support: Hobart understands that mastering the art of welding requires guidance. That’s why they include a sample of flux-cored wire and a welding guide to equip you with the knowledge you need. Extra contact tips are also thoughtfully included to ensure you have everything at your fingertips.
  • Versatile Metal Compatibility: The Handler 140 is not limited to just one type of metal. It’s a true multi-metal wizard, capable of handling steel, aluminum, cast iron, titanium, brass, and copper with ease. Adjusting the welder for different metals is swift and straightforward, accommodating steel thicknesses of up to 24 gauge.
  • Precise Speed Control: The Handler 140 boasts an impressive feed wire speed range, allowing you to tailor your welding experience to your preferred pace. Whether you need to work slowly at 40 inches per minute or accelerate to a blazing 700 inches per minute, it delivers with minimal no-load time.
  • Amperage Mastery: High amperage output, ranging from 25 to 140 amps, defines the Handler 140. At a 20% duty cycle using just 90 amps, it ensures continuous welding without constant adjustments. The addition of a five-position voltage control selector adds an extra layer of versatility, enabling precise arc adjustments and weld thickness customization.


Specifications, Pros, and Cons:

Before making your final decision, let’s explore the Handler 140’s specifications, its strengths, and any potential drawbacks.


  • Available as-is or with racks or pliers.
  • Weight: 57 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 13 inches.
  • Corded electric source.
  • Speed range: 40 to 700 inches per minute.
  • Five-position voltage control.
  • Five-year limited warranty.


  • A well-constructed welder that balances performance and affordability.
  • Swift and straightforward setup, typically within 30 minutes or less.
  • Compatible with standard 115V household outlets, ensuring accessibility.
  • Inclusion of both a 10-foot hose and a 10-foot work cable enhances convenience.
  • User-friendly design facilitates seamless operation.
  • Accommodates spools of varying lengths, offering flexibility.
  • Provides essential guides for selecting appropriate gauges.


  • Some users have reported room for improvement in Hobart’s customer service and support.
  • Occasional user complaints of welding sputtering or experiencing automatic shutdowns.
  • A small number of customers received damaged or broken welders when purchasing from specific online retailers.


Final Verdict:

After an exhaustive evaluation of numerous welding options, the Hobart Handler 140 emerges as an outstanding choice, especially for those with budget considerations. While it may be smaller in stature compared to some of its competitors, it stands shoulder to shoulder with them in terms of features, and in some instances, even surpasses them. The inclusion of a thickness gauge adds to its allure.

With self-resetting thermal overload protection, a quick-select drive roll, and a plethora of other advantageous features, the Handler 140 offers incredible value for its price point. If you seek an affordable MIG welder that can rival professional models in performance and versatility, the Hobart Handler 140 deserves your undivided attention.

In conclusion, the Hobart Handler 140 emerges as a reliable and versatile welding machine, poised to tackle a wide array of welding tasks with ease. Its precision, durability, and user-friendly design make it an attractive investment for both hobbyists and professionals alike. For further insights into the world of top MIG welders, we encourage you to explore additional resources and reviews to ensure you find the perfect welding equipment tailored to your needs.

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