Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Welders use tools that produce arcs and sparks that can cause significant eye damage and even lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Lincoln Viking Electric makes several helmets that welders can use on the job such as the 3350 Series, which is one of the best helmets around. This model has a lightweight design to reduce discomfort and fatigue and an auto-darkening filter.

Some of the other top features of the 3350 include adjustable knobs on the top and padding that protects the back of your neck. It even has four arc sensors that respond in a flash. Our Lincoln Viking Electric 3350 Review gives you a better look at this helmet.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

  • 4C lens technology
  • Wide Viewing Window
  • Adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Highest 1/1/1/1 optical clarity in all four categories
  • Superior comfort with the pivot style headgear
  • Battery life: 2000 hours
  • It comes with all necessary lenses, helmet bag and bandana


Detailed Lincoln Viking Electric 3350 Review & Breakdown

One of the most comfortable and durable welding helmets that money can buy is the 3350 Series from Lincoln Viking Electric. It receives high marks from professional welders in categories that include safety and comfort. You can wear this black helmet on the longest of days without any discomfort.

Comfort Features

The lightweight design of this helmet is just one of the reasons behind its comfortable fit. Weighing only 3.2 pounds, it limits the pressure and tension on your neck and shoulders. That design can even reduce some of the back pain that you usually feel.

Made from a combination of nylon and polycarbonate, this helmet has ADF controls and knobs on the outside. Those knobs are easy to reach and adjust with your hands, even if you need to wear protective gloves. There is also a ratchet attached to the headgear to help you adjust the fit of the helmet.

Lincoln Viking Electric designed this helmet to reduce the pressure on specific points and areas around your head. It evenly disperses the weight of the helmet to keep heavy spots from pressing on your crown or back. There is extra padding along the back too, which further reduces the helmet’s overall weight.

Though you can work without taking the helmet off, it allows you to raise the helmet and let it rest on the edge/crown of your head. The weight distribution keeps the helmet from sliding off as you examine your work area. Once you finish checking things out, you can slide the helmet back into place with one hand.

Lenses and Shades

You should consider the lenses and shades of any welding helmet, especially if you will wear that helmet during different types of applications. The 3350 has a shade rating of between 5 and 13 and lets you easily pick the right shade needed. Those shades apply to the viewing area, which measures 3.74 inches by 3.34 inches.

Though it lacks the electromagnetic sensor found on other welding helmets, it has four arc sensors inside. Those sensors constantly monitor the areas in front of and around your face. When a spark occurs near one, the sensor will go off and turn on the filter, and it switches on the filter in 1/25,000 of a second.


Top Features

Thanks to the solar battery inside, this helmet lets you work freely without worrying about the battery dying. As long as you use the helmet outside in the sunlight, the battery will remain charged. Once the battery charges, you can wear and use the helmet inside or in cloudy conditions.

With a TIG amp rating of 2A, the 3350 is suitable for use in most conditions. It has a grind mode that you can switch to in seconds when you need to do different things on the job.

The 4C lens technology can help you stay safe when welding. This technology works with the 1/1/1/1 optical clarity to ensure that you get a full view of everything around you and that you can see the minute differences between two pieces of metal. You can see the exact lines and textures in the metal too.

Possible Issues

Some users complained that the 3350 didn’t fit comfortably or that the extra padding on the back felt weird. Though the lens technology and filter work quickly, those parts can cause the lens to darken due to changes in the available light around you.

Specs, Pros and Cons

To get the basic information that you need about the 3350 Series, make sure that you read our in-depth review and that you look over the specs below. This helmet also has some pros and cons that we listed for our readers.


  • 3.74 by 3.34 inch viewing window.
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds.
  • Black helmet that measures 13 by 10.5 by 10 inches.
  • Made from plastic, nylon and polycarbonate materials.
  • Lens shade range of 5 to 13.
  • Auto-darkening filter technology on the viewing window.
  • Four dedicated arc sensors.


  • Suitable for full-time use of 40 to 70+ hours a week.
  • Lets you see the variety of colors and objects in front of you.
  • The adjustable fit helps you customize the helmet for your head and neck.
  • Allows you to wear the helmet over your face or while sitting on the top of your head.
  • Responds quickly to multiple types of lights and arcs.
  • Provides better clarity than similar helmets do.
  • Highly affordable option for welder.


  • The lens can switch between shades on its own when worn in direct sunlight.
  • Some find the pad on the back of the helmet uncomfortable.


Final Verdict

The 3350 is clear proof that you can get an affordable welding helmet because it retails for half of what other helmets do. Weighing just over three pounds, the helmet has adjustable features and extra padding to keep you comfortable on the job. The knobs on the outside are easy to reach too.

We recommend the 3350 for welders who want a good helmet but also want to save money. This model ranks highly in terms of both the safety and comfort that it offers. With the 3350 Series from Lincoln Viking Electric, you can get the job done and feel comfortable at the end of a long shift.

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