Miller Maxstar 150 STL Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

When you reach the point in your career when it’s time to transition from the tools you use at school to those you’ll use in the field, you need to pick a good welder. The right welder will handle the jobs that you do at home and any welding jobs that you do for clients. One of the best choices for those shopping for an welder is the Miller Maxstar 150 STL.
This is one of the top welders that you can use on objects such as buildings and with both steel and other metals. As you read through our Miller Maxstar 150 STL review, you can get an idea of what people love about this welder and how it can handle all your welding jobs.

Miller Maxstar 150 STL

  • Duty Cycle: 35% @ 100A.
  • Input Voltage: 115 – 230V.
  • Amperage Range: 5 – 150A.
  • One of the most portable and easy to use welder.
  • Remote control for amperage control.
  • Easily switch between 115V and 230V with MVP plug.
  • Weighs only 13.7 pounds.
  • 3-year warranty.


Detailed Miller Maxstar 150 STL Review & Breakdown

Cords and Cables

No matter what type of electronics and appliances you use, you might worry about losing the power cords that come loose. That isn’t an issue found with this welder because it has a fixed power cord. That cord works with standard outlets and lets you move freely.

Both the work clamp and the stick electrode holder are popular features n this welder. With the 10-foot long work clamp, you can move away from the welder as needed. Both that clamp and the 13-foot long stick electrode holder are compatible with the included 25mm connector.

Best Features and Technology

The best type of technology that comes on this welder is the Lift-Arc technology that Miller designed. This feature works on both a high or a low frequency and will not cause any motor damage. If you do TIG welding, this feature will also limit your wait time.

Thanks to the inverted power source inside, you get all the control and freedom that you need. This feature extends the motor’s life and lets you use all the top features as soon as you turn on the machine. That includes the puddle control that many users like.

Power Sources and Gas Valve

If you aren’t sure where and when you might work, you’ll like that the 150 STL is compatible with all outlets and voltages. You can use this machine with the 115V outlets that you find inside homes and with the higher 230V outlets found in modern buildings. It will restrict the amperage to work with the available voltage.

The 150 STL also lets you work faster because of features such as a solenoid. This built-in component pushes through the gas needed for welding and produces a steady stream for continuous welding. You do not need to provide an external flame to use the solenoid.

Safety Features

The safety features that come standard on this welder include a shoulder strap. That strap conveniently wraps across your upper back and either shoulder. You can move easily without tripping over the machine or any cords.

With the built-in overload protection, this tig welder is suitable for use in modern and older homes and other buildings. It significantly reduces the risk that the welder might blow a fuse or trip a breaker.

Thanks to the open circuit voltage (OCV) option, this welder also runs continuously and during the specific times when you need it. This feature allows the welder to use 16 to 20 volts, which lets you keep it on as you set up a weld without wasting power.

Bottom Line

The Miller Maxstar 150 STL is a durable welder with features and protection that makes it a good choice for professionals who do TIG or stick welding.

Specs, Pros and Cons

One of the best ways to find out which tig welder is best for your jobs is with a look at the specs of those machines. This not only lets you know how much each one weighs but also the overall dimensions. That information is handy as you shop for one that you can move and carry.

This section can also give you some idea of how you will use the welder and whether it can handle the circuits available to you and the jobs that you have in mind. We also included a short list of the 150 STL pros and cons.


  • Weighs only 13.7 pounds with all accessories included.
  • Measures 13.2 inches by 5.5 inches by 9 inches.
  • Includes plug ins for both 120V and 240V.
  • Lets you choose between stick and TIG applications for welding.
  • Rated for use with 70 to 100 amps.


  • One of the most portable and easy to use welders available.
  • Gives you the choice of choosing the right voltage based on the available outlets.
  • Prevents blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers through built-in safety features.
  • Easy for beginners to use but comes with features suitable for experienced welders.
  • Includes a remote control for adjusting the welder from five feet away or more.


  • You may notice power changes and fluctuations when you use the welder at a higher output.
  • Does not work very well when welding thicker pieces or types of metal.
  • The foot pedal and other tools that you may need do not come with the welder.


Final Verdict

Before buying the Miller Maxstar 150 STL, you need to make sure that you understand everything that you get for that price. The power cord that attaches to the welder and the remote control come included, but this is also one of the tig welders in this price range to feature dual circuit technology. You can use that control and the adaptive hot start to use the machine quickly without any of the usual wait time.

At less than 14 pounds, this is also a good welder for those who need to move between job sites daily. The price makes this a good welder for professionals, beginners and hobbyists and those who work full-time in the field. Reading through our Miller Maxstar 150 STL review is the best way to make sure that this is the welder for you.

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